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A place for reimagining faith. Together.

What is the Digital Community?

A safe place for sharing your questions, doubts, and wonderings about God and culture. 

Why We Exist

Millions of people have walked away from the church, and for good reason. American church culture has ignored the biggest questions of our time and often looks more like a political action committee than the community of misfits that it started out as centuries ago.

For that reason, leaving the church can be a freeing feeling. But it can also be tinged with the loss of belonging--especially for Millennials who have been called “the loneliest generation.” And as important as deconstruction is, it can be difficult to know what to believe once our faith has been dismantled.

That’s why we launched the Digital Community--for people just like you who know what their faith isn’t and are ready to reimagine what it could be. Together, we share our questions and doubts in pursuit of Spiritual fullness that isn’t based on cheap certainty and rigid dogma but an authentic community of people longing for something new.

Why You Should Join

We have groups formed around common interests (think: justice, parenting, fresh ways to understand the Bible), book and podcast discussion groups, and opportunities for spiritual conversations and direction alongside others whose stories and experiences can help illuminate your own spiritual journey.

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